Thrift-shopping, I did!

Hi, I’m  back! Did you miss me?
A lot of things happened these past few weeks but I haven’t had the energy to update as often as I want. I will try to post about these events in the coming weeks.

My recent thrift haul: two canvass bags, 3 pyrex measuring cups, 2 gratin bakeware, 5 ramekins, 2 Noritake salad plates... and a partridge in a pear tree, lol!

I was planning to watch a movie with a friend yesterday but had to be canceled due to a domestic emergency. No, nothing serious. Just an important matter that my friend needed to attend to. So instead I went to the Post Office, taking advantage of the cool weather and the bunch of postcards and gifts that required posting. It was still early after I’ve done my business at the PO so I walked towards Wat Phnom thinking fast where to go next. The idea of thrifting popped into my head… so I went to the Japan Thrift Shop.

There were new arrivals! I fell in love at first sight at this particular piece of  barnwood furniture – a simple dining set composed of a dining table and two chairs – that would look great in our apartment. It’s just perfect for me and my husband! There’s something about reclaimed and crafted barnwood pieces that appeal to me. Now, if only I had enough moolah, I would have snatched the set in a heartbeat! The $150 price tag is too much 🙁 However, I didn’t go home empty-handed. For a total of $6.75, I am the proud owner of two cute, Japanese-y canvass bags, three pyrex measuring cups, two small gratin bakeware, 5 pieces of small ramekins, and two salad plates from an unknown Noritake Japan collection.

What do you say – I hit a jackpot, didn’t I?
I still want to visit the other thrift shop outside of Phnom Penh. I hear it has a lot of baking wares in stock there 🙂

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