Tones on Tuesday: Buddhist shrine on a hill

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I was blog-hopping earlier today and came across the meme Tones on Tuesday which I find very interesting. For one, I like tweaking my photos to improve them. I love atmospheric images. I love the play of shadows and lights, and how it changes and work together (or against). It adds more drama and texture to the picture, invoking a whole new different emotion than it’s original form.

So yeah, count me in, please. I’ll try my best to be at par with the quality of other participants’ entries. I hope new friends will find me here 🙂 And this is my first entry:

tones on tuesday phnom oudong

This photo was taken in one of the road trips my husband and I did last month. It’s summer in Cambodia and the once green flatland is now transformed into a yellow land as far as the eye can see. Harvest season is over. And that means leaving the land to fallow and wait for the rain to prepare for the next planting season.

As the summer season here is notoriously hot, everything green turned yellow or brown. The whole Kingdom is enveloped in red dust at the slightest excuse. It is dry and arid, and no one dares go out for a trip, except for this two crazy barangs (foreigners).

The hill is called Phnom Oudong in Oudong district, some 50kms. distance from the capital Phnom Penh. It used to be the capital of ancient Cambodia and now a religions shrine where the precious Buddhist relics and remains of the mightly Khmer Kings are said to have been laid to rest there. Those pointed towers reaching out to the sky are stupas, a dome-like structure that contains the King’s remains. The grand stupa at the centre, the top-most one, is where the Buddha relics are kept.

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