Tones on Tuesday: Sunset silhouette

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Now you see me again, hah! I haven’t been posting in a while because of flu. Darn. Perhaps I caught the flu virus two weeks ago when my husband and I went downtown to canvass the price of a printer. Actually we can find prices of local printers online because there are now a lot of Cambodian online stores but my husband insisted on going out and check the units and prices with our own eyes.

So anyways, despite the flu, I’ve managed to prepare photos for my blogs this week. And here’s my Tones on Tuesday entry:

Kep, Phnom Bokor, silhouette

Kep has arguably the best sunsets in the whole of Cambodia. The lifestyle is as tranquil as its waters. On the background is the lovely silhouette of Phnom Bokor in Kampot, some 30mins away from this point.

This photo was taken one afternoon, not too long ago, in the coastal town of Kep. Located on the southernmost part of Cambodia facing the Gulf of Thailand and the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, it reminds me so much of my hometown in the Philippines.

I will never tire coming back to Kep. It’s our (my husband and mine) home away from home.

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