Towards a year of green living

We’re already 23 days into the new year and I’ve just made my first post here – hurrah for me! Happy new year, friends.

So what have I been doing these days? Ermmm, nothing. I’m actually enjoying the state of idleness. The past year has taught me to give myself some slack so, this year, I’m taking things one at a time and give myself a break from everything. And the important thing is to not feel bad about having a break from time to time.

I found this while blog-hopping earlier today and I giggled at myself for a bit.


Photo source: Maxistentialism

I remembered seeing something similar to this long time ago, when I was younger and hated doing the dishes. In a family where the unmarried aunt, grandmother and a few other relatives stayed with us together, the dishes (not to mention the cooking pans and pots, ugh!)  pile up and the younger ones (read: me) assigned to do the dishes bear the brunt of all this chore. In one of my teenage outbursts, I waged a demented war against my eldersr and suggested at every opportunity that we use disposable plates instead. Imagine doing the dishes, more than 10 plates, glasses, bowls, etc? I didn’t want to wash that many dishes! But after seeing the sign like above, my attitude changed. Yes, it’s true. So all my resentful feelings were immediately dumped into my imaginary pull out trash cans, hahaha.

So thanks to a similar poster, it changed me and my attitude. As I face another new year, I am making a conscious effort to do one thing, one single thing, whenever I can to achieve a much simpler, Earth-friendly way of life.

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