Unsure about the knees

Oh dear! Houston, we have a  big problem!

I just found out that my headphone is broken.  I can hear the sound on the right earpiece only. The left earpiece’s wire probably got torn because I fell asleep on my left side listening to songs from my mp3 (how, backwards, lol).  Maybe it’s time for a new set of headphones. Any recommendations, apart from the familiar brands? A friend mentioned Sennheiser earlier so I’m going to have a look at it on the Internet.

It’s impossible to purchase a new set at this time of the night and I don’t want to miss tonight’s semi-finals between Rafa and Andy Murray on Internet live streaming. I wonder if it can still be repaired?

Anyways, it’s going to be another explosive match between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Here’s the head-to-head match up:

Rafael Nadal – Andy Murray Head-toHead Match Up

Grabbed from the ATP World Toursite.

 I’m not really sure what to feel for Rafa’s match today considering his knee problem but I just hope his knees are okay and can survive a three-set match against Andy. Vamos, Rafa!


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