We’re on the look-out for more!

Since acquiring a new place in the southwestern side of the city, my husband and I are on the market for some serious home stuff. We’re not actually looking for fancy furnishings but our goal is to procure quality, albeit secondhand items. We’ve enlisted to a local buy and sell network and, so far, we’ve had some successes in getting the stuff we like.

For instance, we acquired a really nice wooden table. Quality workmanship and solid wood. The owner is in a dire financial situation and she was selling it for only $50. A lot of people asked her to lower the price. My husband and I went to have a look and we admired the quality of the table. We bought it at that instant. Two weeks ago we were able to buy a huge wooden closet. It was very heavy and it took 4 people to move it.

The buy and sell network has a Facebook page where members sell or look for something. You wouldn’t believe what’s out there. Aside from furniture, there are also lots of musical instruments for sale, for example, a rarely used washburn bass guitar is selling for less than $100.

So we’re keeping our eyes and ears for more in the coming days till we have enough furnishings in the house 🙂

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