Wedding preparations

Clip Art from GoogleImages.

My brother is getting married in December and he’s very busy fulfilling requirements for getting the marriage documents.  Last year alone, he went home four times just to appear before several government offices personally in order for him to get the papers.  Both he and his bride underwent tests – I tell you, LOTS of tests. So far, so good and we are finally told that the wedding date is set this December.

So being the dutiful older sister that I am, I offered to help in any way I can. As of today, I’m involved with the preparation and printing of their wedding invitation and party favour. I have already given them samples of invitation and the couple has already chosen one. It’s a contemporary style in red, blue and gold motif. My brother wants to incorporate a Khmer element to it, the kbach design. The Cambodian kbach design is one of the most beautiful designs in the world, in my opinion.  It is actually a stylized lotus flower manipulated in many ways. It is very graceful to look at and the curves, swirls and turns are very complex and yet very elegant and exciting. Anyways, the couple are still finalizing their wedding list and details. I can’t wait to start working on the cards, and I’m getting help from a friend 🙂

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