Well, hello there…

… November! Goodbye, October

I can not believe that it is now November and the end of 2011 is just around the corner.  Wait, November… the month before Christmas, yes? Can you imagine – 60 days to go and we are going to year 2012? My goodness, this year is just flying by.

Anyhoo, hope your Halloween was fun!

As you know, my father-in-law and husband are celebrating their birthdays in November.  While I already have a nice card for my FIL, I am still downright lost as to what to give for my dear husband. Embarrassing it may look but, yeah, I admit I’m the lamest wife when it comes to gifts. It’s my husband’s birthday in three weeks time but I’m  not sure if three weeks is enough for me to look for a gift. I got to try, right?

Now, where to start –  Sorya and Sovanna mall for shirts? No. They are nice but the husband sure has a picky taste when it comes to his clothes. How about this site  GotBriefcases.com briefcases for men? Hmmm, perhaps. He could use one for school. I’m also thinking of a trackball mouse. He spends a lot of time on computer everyday doing his schoolwork so might as well get him a new one. What about a gift certificate? Oh, I don’t really know what would please him 🙁



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