Well, what can I say?

After my first post in my previously Blogger-hosted blog, I spent the following days tinkering with my computer, weighing the pros and cons of publishing my posts through my newly-acquired domain. I was easily disheartened after my initial attempt, hardly figuring out the supposedly quick set-up steps; took me almost forever. On my second attempt, I was expecting another disastrous outcome because after successfully following the directions, this time I was slapped with an error message in blaring red color. Drat, what did I do this time? In my defense, the directions were confusing (rationalizing! hahaha) and I took comfort in the fact that I am not a techie person and thus expected to be slow and have mistakes many times.

After fiddling with the GoDaddy and Blogger settings and successfully activating my newly-acquired domain name, I am now so ready to start blogging.

So what’s in here? I must say expect no serious stuffs in this blog. I prefer to write about the mundaneness of everyday life… a hodgepodge of stuffs, sourced from anywhere and everywhere, hence the title My Miscellany. I suppose this blog will make you ask wadda-hell-is-she-blabbering-about, or, where-did-that-come-from? Honestly, I probably don’t know either *lol*

Okay, so this is my blog…
Stay and read if you like. While you may disagree, frown, or raise an eyebrow (or two, if you prefer) on my trivial posts, you are welcome to leave comments. But please remember, don’t be too harsh lest my wooden-heart break into pieces. No glue can ever put those pieces back again so…

Please be kind. Respect begets respect; so does kindness.

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