What we do when our computer breaks down and other senseless blabs

It was one of those days again when our desktop crashed again – this time, it was the monitor and could not be “revived” anymore despite my husband’s attempts at repairing it. Most of his files are in the hard drive – which is good as not a single file is lost – but then he could not retrieve his school files and lesson plans and handouts for his class. Major bummer. So, of course, he had to resort to a plan B, and that’s re-writing his lesson plans for the whole week while we are on the look-see for the computer monitor that suits his preferences.

So now this is a dilemma as he wanted to continue working on his maps but couldn’t. I have only this laptop and I need it for “work”. We agreed to take turns 😀 And so while it is me in front of the laptop… what does he do for the meantime? He … lifts weights! We have a mini-gym at home – no pull up bars though but we have weights and a stationary bike, enough to take his mind off the computer. And, in turn, when he is using the laptop, I …. guess what?

The ever-insecure moi plucks out my grey hairs one by one! Of all the good family traits we have, this one I had to inherit. At my age of sweet 16 (errrrm, do I hear any violent reactions?), my once few grey hair strands have now multiplied a thousand times and is silently taunting me (You’re getting old… you’re getting old… you’re getting oooooooolllllllddddd!!!) every time I look at myself in the mirror. Found out the hard way that plucking one’s hairs is not sexy! I can’t say I’m loving the greying streaks here and there and I’ refuse to dye my hair. Uh-uh.

Who knows, I might actually look good with a salt-n-pepper hair!

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