What’s in the booooooooox?!?!?!

Last week my husband and I came to the Post Office with a parcel waiting for us! It was addressed to the husband (and most of the contents are for him, I know) but, nonetheless, I was more excited than him. Really, it doesn’t take much for me to get excited.

Then two days after, another parcel arrived from them again – ooh-la-la! It’s amazing how my in-laws lovingly packed stuffs that my husband is missing, and some for me as well. The parcel was a mix of postcards showing my husband’s hometown, (sweet) indulgence and cooking/baking items, a video CD of family and friends taken on my dad-in-law’s recent birthday bash, and  birthday (husband) and Christmas cards with messages to make you totally connected. I swear I saw my husband wiped a tear off his face! *lol*

I am such a HUGE sucker for care-packages big and small! And so I was like.. c’mon, husband, let’s see what’s in the boooooxxxx! I felt like Brad Pitt bleating this line, in the movie “Se7en”. What’s in the boooooxxxx!??!!!

Okay, so here’s some of what’s inside the box:

The star of the lot is the Trebor peppermint candies.  It is my husband’s name spelled backwards. Pretty neat, huh?

6 thoughts on “What’s in the booooooooox?!?!?!

  1. wow, early christmas gift…i agree super enjoy talaga makareceived nng something, big or small…it always excites me! hehehe! anyway, ang dami…sabi nga ni lui, penge! lolz!

    1. Di bale, Che, pagdating ni K at ni A, marami din kayong regalo! hehehe. Sabi ni Rob off limits day ang sweets, stock cubes daw pwede niya i-share ^-^

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