When tennis legends were kids

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I’m enjoying my state of idleness this week, hence the lack of posts… well, almost.  I just can’t help but post this funny video of professional tennis stars. I really am curious about my favourite players, Rafael Nadal, for example, and how he was as a kid. Well, I stumbled upon this video, and I tell you… I couldn’t stop laughing.  So while in the middle of an online search for mens designer t shirts (yes, I’m still looking for a birthday pressie for my husband, lol), I took time off just to watch this video. Over and over, lol.

Source: Beyond the Baseline

I mean, how adorable are these kids?!?

This ad is from Sweden and was produced as a promotional material for the Stockholm Open 2011.

Watch out for baby Rafael Nadal who is featured as a seven-year old and still very much right-handed. Also not to be missed is baby John McEnroe losing his cool, baby Novak Djokovic’s ball-bouncing, Roger Federer’s tweener-shot, baby Andre Agassi’s mullet hairstyle, and Sweden’s very own baby Robin Soderling’s towel-over-the head moment (priceless and captured Soderling perfectly, hah!). My friend Ana pointed out that it should be Nadal and Soderling in the sequence together – you know – because of that one Wimbledon moment where, while waiting for Rafa to play, Robin went to his bench to change his racket. Anyways… Other players included in the video were Arthur Ashe, Jim Courier, Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and Michael Chang.


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