Who’s afraid of blood?


I am! I am.
I do feel like this whenever I see blood … ————————————————————————————————————->

My husband was busy with his school project over the weekend when I heard him yell. I came out to the veranda garden where he was and and saw blood gushing from his left pointing finger. Oh dear, the sight of blood made me feel like fainting. I had goosebumps and cold sweats and felt woozy instantly. This is exactly what prevented me from taking a nursing course in college, despite my mum’s prodding. I wasn’t successful even in the first aid training offered by the Red Cross as, at that time, I was hoping to get a part-time Emergency Medical Technician Jobs while in university. Some of my friends did and now they are in US and Europe working as EMT personnels. One is even pursuing medicine now.

Anyways, I think this blood-phobia runs in the family. I remember the time my father had his cyst on the neck removed and my mother fainted when blood came out while she was dressing the fresh wound. It is funny now that I look back but the panic that ensued back then was indescribable.


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