You are still my champion, Rafa!

Wow, almost a week rolled by without a new blog post! Drat. My laptop had some issues last Monday that I had to leave it at the computer shop for fixing. It boots up alright, the fans are running properly but there is no display. This is the longest time that my laptop and I are apart and I am really getting scared that I might not get it back like a 100% as each day passes by.

It’s a good thing that things were heating up in the last 5 days at the Australian Open – so exciting that I had forgotten about my laptop issues, and Internet, for a while…

The loss of my boy, Rafael Nadal, was a great shock. He was ousted prematurely in the AO’s quarterfinals round – what a major, major upset in the tournament and a tremendous heartbreak to Rafa’s fans all over the world. Me included. He was beaten by his compatriot David Ferrer in three straight sets. The whole world felt like it stopped. It was so surreal. The Rafa-slam dream is over; too bad it ended so abruptly like this.

More thoughts on Rafa’s heartbreaking loss next post when my laptop and I will be reunited this weekend.

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