You are still my champion

It’s nearly a week now but I still can’t get over the loss of my favourite tennis player, Rafael Nadal, to Novak Djokovic in last Sunday’s men’s championship showdown at the Australian Open.

It won’t be long before Rafa comes back with a vengeance.

I was disappointed. Utterly disappointed. Rafa was so close… and denied of that championship trophy this year. But I take comfort in the fact that he fought a good fight this time. That he showed he has the goods to beat Nole. Not this time though but his time will come soon, I know it. Rafa will come back to get Nole (Tennis Perspective). He may have gone home to Mallorca without the golden trophy but his sheer brilliance, grit, will, determination and self-belief he’d shown in the epic five-setter finals match is worth more than all the gold bars in the world.

It’s a huge heartbreak again for Rafa and his fans as Nole continues his fairytale streak. Clay season will commence in April and it is a great thing that he is taking a month off tennis for treatment of his injury (Source) and a much needed rest (source).

Vamos, Rafa. Sigues siendo mi campeĆ³n.

Photo Credit: Rafaholics Facebook Australian Open 2012 Photos

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